WordSmart Success Stories

"WordSmart, from my point of view, is one of the most important things you can give a student to improve vocabulary, their fluency, their comprehension and their self-esteem." 

"Through WordSmart and improving your vocabulary, and in-turn, improving your knowledge-base, your likely to be more successful in anything you do." 
-Faye Bowman, Academic Facilitator 
-Michael Shand, Ph.D., Education Expert 



"WordSmart has captured the imagination and interest of many of our children from the lowest achievers to the highest achievers. Our reading scores this year are the highest they have ever been! Could it be because of the emphasis on WordSmart? I have to believe there is a direct correlation. Whenever students have to miss WordSmart for some other classroom activity, there is an uproar of protest. Faculty, students, and parents continue to be interested and supportive." 

-Evie Cox, Principal Graham Middle School, Charlotte, NC 


"I've used WordSmart successfully for more than 5 years. The average improvement for students in one year was 3 years. Some improved as much as 5 years in one year. Did we have other activities to help students improve their reading? Yes; but at least 50% or more of this drastic improvement was attributed to WordSmart. I wouldn't have a school, be it elementary or secondary, without WordSmart!" 

-Susan Zink, Teacher, Nye County School District, Pahrump, NV 


"Thank you WordSmart for finally creating an interactive vocabulary program that keeps my students intrigued, involved, and energized! We have had great success at our high school using this program to improve our PSAT, SAT, ACT, and TAKS scores. The students love the laser tag game and being able to actually hear the words is a tremendous advantage to improving vocabulary. Before WordSmart, we used worksheets and flashcards. Now we have actually moved into the 21st century and students are learning words faster, hearing words repeated frequently, and utilizing them in everyday conversation.Be aware that this program is not just for students in high school or lower grades; many of our faculty have used this program to prepare them for the GRE before working on their masters and doctorate degrees. A user of the program myself, my students frequently ask which level I'm on, and thus the competition begins! WordSmart offers the best vocabulary program by far that REALLY works and has a staff that not only backs up it's product but is service oriented-how refreshing!" 

-Donna L. Wallace English Dept. Chair/Van High School ULC Academic Coordinator, Van, TX


"Students here really like the WordSmart program. They felt they could learn the words faster since they were using all of their senses." 

-Kathy Thayer, Purdue University


"WordSmart surpasses all of the competition with its vocabulary and writing skills improvement features..." 

-TopTenREVIEWS.com, ACT/SAT Prep Software Reviews 2007 

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